Bale Pagoda

Bale Pagoda is a cozy, small, with teak furniture equipped, wooden house with a bedroom, in which there is a 1.40m x 2.00m "french" bed and a covered one porch with dining table and armchairs. From there you can see the greenery, a large garden with a lotus pond and the sunsets. 

In the small private garden there are two wooden pavilions (bale). One to relax and meditate and the other one to be used as a small kitchen with an adjoining open-air bath. 

Bale Pagoda is ideal for one person, but also cozy for two. Another area for relaxing is the large shared garden with the big pool in front of Dewi Sri.


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Dewi Sri

Dewi Sri is a wooden “Gladak” house from East Java. It´s a one room house with a roofed terrace in front overlooking the big shared swimming pool. All furniture including the 1,80m x 2,00m kingsize bed is unique and made of old teakwood from former sailing boats named Prahu. Layers of coloured lacquer give an individual and artistic touch to the furniture and the main entrance of Dewi Sri. 

Kitchen and bathroom are situated on the backside of the house under an extended roof and open to the private garden area. 

Dewi Sri is the goddess of rice and fertility. She is associated with the Hindu goddess Lakshmi as both are attributed to wealth and family prosperity.

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Maha Dewa

Maha Dewa a spacious Javanese Joglo is tastefully furnished with antique furniture and invites you to relax in an atmosphere of colonial style. You can enjoy your holiday living in an old teakwood heritage building from East Java. The special air flow design of the traditional double roof has the function of a natural air condition. You can sleep well in the 1,80m x 2,00m Javanese bed or in the 1,40m x 2,00m old Chinese alcove bed and an additional option for sleeping is a big old Javanese bench. So Maha Dewa is convenient for up to four guests. 

The kitchen counter is made out of Prahu teakwood from old Indonesian sailing boats. The bathroom and the sunset terrace are attached under extended roofs and open to the private garden. The big swimming pool which Maha Dewa only shares with Ganesha and Dewi Sri you will find some steps below your private area shares with Bale Pagoda, Ganesha and Dewi Sri.  

A big bronze statue of Shiva is placed in the north part of the Joglo. Maha Dewa is the Balinese synonym for the Hindu god Shiva, which is one of the three main Hindu gods. As a “destroyer” Shiva removes all evil from the world and he is also regarded as the patron of yoga, dance and arts.


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Ganesha is a small coszy one level house in the Balinese style. It has a roofed living- and kitchen area open to the private garden with a private plunge pool for kids or to lay down in the water just for relaxing. The big shared swimming pool is easy to be reached over some steps on the land level below your private area.

Ganesha has two separate sleeping rooms each with a 1,80m x 2,00m bed and is convenient for up to four people. The bathroom with a marble mosaic shower and an unique marble stone wash basin opens to a small stone garden with three elephant statues.

Modern art paintings, old teakwood furniture and a hand made white stone statue of Ganesha on the terrace give an artistic flair to that cosy Balinese holiday home.
Ganesha is the name of a very popular Hindu god and the elephant headed son of Shiva and Parvati. Ganesha likes to joke and to dance, he is wise and has a sense of humour and he is the symbol for removing obstacles and protecting the world.

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Nandi´s is an original old Javanese Joglo-house.
The walls, ceiling and windows are handcarved teakwood and the house is furnished with antiques.
When the warm  morning sunlight floods in through the carvings, you feel taken back to the golden age of Java.
The 65 m2 combined living and bed room with a large 1,80 x 2,00m Javanese bed and a smaller Chinese bed is ideal for two to three guests or a family with kids and provides enough space for additional mattresses on the ground if needed. The kitchen and dining area under the roofed veranda offer a wonderful view toward the private swimming pool and garden with two "bales", the wonderful Balinese raised and roofed platforms to lounge and relax in.
The attached bathroom is designed with teakwood and yellow marble mosaic, the semi open room provides a nice view to a small "jungle garden".


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Naga Naga

Naga Naga is a spacious balinese style house with a wonderful tropical garden and a big lotos pond. This house is wonderful and cosy for two, but has also enough space for four guests. The open modern kitchen and dining area offers great views into the garden. The„verandah style“ living room is open to another secluded garden with the swimming pool, an extra plunge pool and a garden pavillion. The garden is surrounded by high walls and gives total privacy to the guests.
The „chinese„ alcove, part of the living room, is perfect for relaxing and can be used as a separated sleeping room at night. The alcove bed is 1,80 m x 2,00 m. Upstairs there is the master bedroom, also with a 1,80 m x 2,00 m bed and enough space for extra mattresses for kids. The first floor offers great views to the vulcanos and the surrounding gardens. The open bathroom with an open air terazzo bathtub is part of the fusion design of the house - a traditional balinese architecture and antique furniture combined with modern western elegant and artistic design. The private atmosphere of Naga Naga makes it an ideal spot for honeymooners too.

Naga is a sign of the chinese zodiac and is the sanskrit name for the holy dragon – snake a famous mythological animal in all Asian countries. In India and Bali very often it is shown as a pair standing left and right in front of the entrances to give strong protection against evil spirits.

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